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The Greenville Zoo is a 14-acre facility featuring hundreds of wildlife from all over the world including giraffe, monkeys, giant tortoises and leopards. Join us on a wildlife adventure through the zoo’s beautifully landscaped acres filled with up close and personal views of its residents! Through engaging programs, educational events and animal exhibits, the Greenville Zoo provides a wonderfully wild experience for the entire family that will keep you coming back all year long!

Please note, Distance Learning Programs will be unavailable after May 14th and will resume on August 12th. This is due to conflicts with onsite programs occurring during the summer.




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Programs by Greenville Zoo

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Animal Locomotion

Animal Locomotion investigates the many different ways that animals move around! During this program, we will define the word ‘locomotion’, discuss the many ways animals can move, and even turn ourselves into hopping, crawling, and flying...


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Animal Senses

Animal Senses investigates the many ways animals use their five main senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste) to survive in their habitats.  All programs include up close encounters with our education animal ambassadors. 


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Beast Feast

Beast Feast explores the food chain, types of consumers, relationships between predator and prey, and how we provide food at the Zoo with the help of our animal ambassadors. 


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Color Kingdom

Color Kingdom is an immersive program that explores the science of color in the animal kingdom. Engage with passionate  zookeepers and educators, visit our exhibits on zoo grounds, and get up close with live studio animals. Discover how animals...


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Creepy Creatures

Creepy Creatures immerses students in the world of seemingly spooky animals. Through animal encounters, interviews, and behind-the-scenes peeks, participants foster empathy and a deeper understanding of even the most intimidating members of the...


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Discovering Habitats

Discovering Habitats explores the globe; from the arctic tundra to the depths of the ocean. During this program, we will define habitats and discuss what animals need to survive these landscapes. 


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Friends & Fables

Friends & Fables delves into folk stories across diverse cultures globally. Through the artistry of puppetry and the guidance of ambassador animals, discover the intricacies of animal adaptations and their habitats. This program uniquely...


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Genetics and the Modern Zoo

Genetics and the Modern Zoo demonstrates how AZA accredited zoos use the scientific study of genetics to make real-world decisions about the animals in their care. This program discusses genetics, inheritance, mutations, and more!     


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It's Not Easy Being Green

Discover the science of color with animals. This program focuses on animals that are green! From camouflage, mimicry and attraction; the color green is pretty wild! Learn how you too can go green with this unique new education program.


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"The content went perfect with the Project Based Learning we were about to implement. It really got the students pumped up about their project. It follows perfectly with SC standards and my students loved it. They are still talking about it a week later. It went perfectly with the standards and kept the students engaged. It fired them up about the PBL we were starting and worked perfectly as an entry level event. It gave them base knowledge they are using for the project."

"I loved when she went out to the exhibit. Students are making an exhibit so they gained a lot of knowledge about how to make it work for class 1 animals. It also helped them realize that zookeepers do have to enter exhibits for more than just feeding that cleaning is also necessary."

"The program pumped them up. They were ecstatic about starting their project."

"Our instructor, Ren, was amazing! Very knowledgeable and kept it flowing for my students. I appreciated the quality of the content and the enthusiasm of the instructor."

"The students enjoyed seeing the live animals." 

"We were so engaged and interested that we didn't want the program to end." 

"I really enjoyed learning about the different animals. I learned new vocabulary and facts about the various animal groups. Supplemented what I already knew so I can better teach my students."

"I thought the program was fantastic. The program followed our standards and it was a great introduction for my students. The presenter did a wonderful job connecting the material to the students and engaging the students by connecting the material to their interests. The presenter answered the students questions thoroughly. She provided specific feedback to my students in regards to their answers and if a student answered incorrectly, she encouraged them and led them to the correct answer or thanked them and gave them feedback about why their answer was on the right track, but not correct."

"I liked the "hands on" and real world exposure to the animals and learning. It brought the content to life for my students."