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What is ECHO?

ECHO stands for Engaging in Collaborative, Hands-on Learning. Visit the Michigan Science Center and join us for a great learning experience
without leaving your classroom! Our new ECHO program brings live science demonstrations
and activities directly to your students over the internet.  


Our videoconferencing programs allow you and your
students to participate in highly interactive and fun learning in real time. We
have taken the Next Generation Science Standards and have created programs that
are informative and entertaining. No special hardware is required to bring a
virtual visit to your classroom. A connection can be done with a computer,
webcam, projector and high speed internet. All you need to do is click a link
and the fun begins!





Programs by Michigan Science Center

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Burn Boss Training

Engineers use controlled fires for ecological reasons, including restoring bio-diverse habitats for specially adapted plants and animals. Meet the real life Burn Bosses and work together to develop a solution  to protect an endangered animal's...


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ECHO Custom Program

Is there a science topic your group is most interested in? Let us know in your request form and we would be happy to build a custom, interactive program for your students!We will provide materials lists for suggested experiments and follow-up...


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Jump knee-deep into our snowy and wintery science fun virtual visit. Watch amazing dry ice and liquid nitrogen demonstrations while also getting the chance to make your very own slime. This program is great for wintertime learning fun. LIMITED...


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Know Where it Grows

Environmental conditions such as weather, determine where and when plants can grow. We can design solutions to reduce the impacts of weather-related hazards on plants grown for food in a community garden.


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Light & Shadow Observatory

Light & Shadow Observatory offers a unique opportunity for students to explore solar and lunar eclipses using virtual planetarium software. With the help of a Michigan Science Center educator, students will enjoy a front-row seat to the...


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NEW! Rad Reactions

Explore the science of chemical and physical reactions using simple materials you can find at home or the grocery store. We’ll make lava lamps, colorful explosions, and discuss what happens when water and oil are forced to mix together.


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

2020-2021 Pinnacle Award Recipient
2019-2020 Pinnacle Award Recipient
2018-2019 Pinnacle Award Recipient

"The students really enjoyed the experience. They were intrigued by all the activities and I learned a lot too."

“This was an engaging program. The kids loved it! They were able to experience experiments we are unable to try at site. And those were the wows of the program!”

" The program was very engaging, well-paced, and packed with learning opportunities!"

"I really appreciate the instructors' willingness to set up multiple test calls, and work with us on the scheduling."