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Carnival Package


Have you ever gone to a Carnival and bought a roll of tickets? 
Some rides cost two tickets, the big rides are four tickets. You get the idea. 

We have ranked all our interactive programs into “ticket categories” based on the cost of the program. 
While one program costs zero tickets, another may have a four-ticket value.
row of CILC tickets
What comes with your roll of tickets is the best part! 
We will take care of all your payments to the content providers. 
In other words, instead of paying multiple vendors, you only pay one, the CILC.
When you search for programs, you will see the ticket value near the title of the program.  When you or someone in your organization books the program, that number of tickets will be deducted from your carnival account.  The balance of remaining tickets will be viewable in the main coordinator’s CILC Dashboard.

Number of Tickets  Your Cost Roll
10 $840.00 Roll # 1  
25 $2,015.00 Roll # 2  
50 $4,025.00 Roll # 3  


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Contact Jan Zanetis, Managing Director, 507-386-2972.


Dolphin Research Center

Program: "Current Research at Dolphin Research Center"


Reaction from CILC Member

“The presenter was superb and held the audience throughout.New information in dolphin research given by a very gifted and knowledgeable presenter.”

Retirement Community Coordinator

Dolphin Research Center

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