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Connect with other groups for virtual exchanges projects and events! Check out the three different paths to find or post the right experience for your group today!
1 to 1 Collaboration

Connect your classroom to another classroom in a different location to complete a project, discuss a book, engage in cultural exchange, practice debate, and more.

Timeframe: One-time or ongoing

Scheduled Events

Find the times you and your groups of learners are able to connect to virtual learning experiences hosted by content knowledge experts or join an event being produced by a peer group.

Timeframe: At a scheduled date & time


Have your students pair with a peer group from a different location to work together to complete activities related to global topics and themes that match their learning level.

Timeframe: Fixed—usually a week to a month

Outcomes of Collaborating

Utilizing technology to connect peer groups to one another as well as experts living at a distance helps students learn how to become more involved, engaged, and responsible digital citizens.



Class-to-class collaborations give teachers an opportunity to enhance their students’ educational and social experiences in ways that are engaging and accessible.

—Distance Learning Coordinator

“What if we were able to connect our students with students somewhere else? Somewhere a little more difficult to reach due to distance, time constraints, travel expenses or situational barriers. We have that ability right now! Virtual Learning technology is an incredible tool.  Today we can use this tool to connect students with their peers anywhere in the world. Making these connections allows students to see and more importantly interact with other people around the world.”

Kristin Edwards, CILC Global Learning Ambassador

Getting Started

See first hand the power of collaborative virtual learning

Check out this video that highlights class-to-class collaboration with classes connected globally by CILC Global Ambassador, Kristin Edwards

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You and your learners benefit when you engage with others across the country or around the globe!
Students in a Collaboration
Students in a Collaboration

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