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The CILC Community of Practice supported by Cisco is specifically designed to empower educators with high-quality interactive virtual visits, collaborative projects, and videoconferencing tools to foster innovation as well as creativity in today’s digital learning environments.
Longwood Gardens presenting an interactive virtual field trip to a group of students in a classroom with their hands raised.
The CILC Community of Practice, a Professional Learning Network for educators, in which members, through the use of the Cisco collaboration application, Webex, share and discuss best practices pertaining to their teaching with collaboration technologies. The dynamic Community of Practice will provide support to educators in utilizing all the benefits of being a CILC Member and the opportunity to work on any one of the Cisco Connected Educator Badges.

By becoming a part of the CILC Community of Practice supported by Cisco you will have access to the following:

  • Monthly Member Meet-Ups hosted by CILC on Webex offer a professional development series throughout the academic year where you will be able to share promising practices for better teaching and learning, content creation, administrative management, collaboration tools, and video call solutions.
  • Free Membership to CILC that includes an introductory workshop and access to the Virtual Field Trips Library with 2300 virtual visit from over 200 Content Providers from treasured museums, zoos, science centers, and more.
  • Ability to achieve Cisco Badges, a micro-credential, that demonstrates the completion of curriculum demonstrating your ability to use world-class video and collaboration technologies.
  • You can receive a one-year Cisco Webex license with full capabilities for multipoint video meetings, file sharing, messaging, and recording. As well as the opportunity to enter into a Cisco Webex Field Trip scholarship program, allowing members to schedule virtual field trips from the 2300 programs available in the CILC Virtual Field Trip Library for their school.
  • A spot in the 23rd Annual CILC Read Around the Planet that is supported by Cisco, where you will be matched with peer groups together for live virtual visits where they complete literacy activities.
  • Comprehensive materials that you are able to share with your education team, to assist them in utilizing the Webex platform and CILC website.

Join the Community of Practice by completing this form. Sign up to attend Member Meetup using the links in the schedule on the side of the page. Learn more about the Digital Badging Opportunities here!

2023-2024 SCHEDULE
Registration is FREE!

MARCH 14, 2024 at 5:30 PM ET

Investigate different ways to prepare students to actively engage in virtual field trips with outside experts.
APRIL 11, 2024 at 5:30 PM ET

Review resources and receive tools to help thoughtfully integrate virtual field trips into your curricular units.
MAY 9, 2024 at 5:30 PM ET

Expand your horizons and join Shared_Studios to discover how their immersive Portal environments open the door to an authentic global classroom!



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After participating in this professional development workshop I feel confident scheduling a virtual field trip for my students!

—High School Teacher