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One of the world's great gardens, Longwood's story is one of legacy, innovation, and stewardship. Our Gardens are a living expression of all that our founder, Pierre S. du Pont, found inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful. From the intricate fountain systems to the meticulous gardens to the architectural grandeur, awe-inspiring discoveries await at every turn. Longwood Gardens provides curriculum-based lessons taught by our talented Educators. Lessons include hands-on activities for students to complete as they explore our beautiful Gardens.





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Programs by Longwood Gardens

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A Plant's Life

Explore the life cycle of a plant from seed to flower. Tour behind-the-scenes at Longwood and discover how our horticulturalists prepare our spectacular displays. Interact with an Educator and explore a plant's life through video, images, and...


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Careers in Horticulture

Take a behind-the-scenes look at one of the great gardens of the world and hear from the people that make it successful. Learn about the variety of career opportunities in horticulture and gain a better understanding of career pathways. Interact...


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Carnivorous Plants

Journey into the secret world of carnivorous plants.  Discover the unique methods by which these amazing organisms capture food to continue their survival. 


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Desert Plant Adaptations

Travel through Longwood’s Conservatory and get an up-close look at our desert plants. Identify characteristics of the desert climate and how plants have adapted to survive. Interact with an Educator and explore these amazing adaptations through...


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Operation Pollination

Discover the connection of living systems and investigate why and how flowering plants have developed with their pollinator partners. Gain an appreciation of this delicate relationship by identifying adaptations of plants and pollinators. Interact...


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Plant Survival

Interact with an educator as you explore desert and tropical plant survival adaptations through video and images with focus on live plants during this curriculum-based lesson.


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Tropical Plant Adaptations

Travel through Longwood’s Conservatory and get an up-close look at our tropical plants. Identify characteristics of the tropical climate and how plants have adapted to survive. Interact with an Educator and explore these amazing adaptations...


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"This was a very neat experience to be part of! My children absolutely LOVED the lesson and everything that went along with it!"

"I loved how you answered the children's questions at the beginning of the lesson. They loved hearing their name called and question answered. A lot of differentiated activities! Thank you for a great trip to PA!"

"The presentation was phenomenal! The students were very engaged, had a wonderful time, and were eager to learn more! The presenter was wonderful, she knew the material, was engaging and very pleasant. I have only good things to say about the presentation and the content! When doing activities with the students the next day, they really retained the information!"