Mission, Vision and Values

Expanding Boundaries. Changing Lives.

Established in 1994, we have been thought leaders in the interactive virtual learning space since before “remote learning” and “virtual experiences” were catchphrases. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of partnerships—with museums, zoos, science and performing arts centers—to provide kids and educators with access to limitless learning opportunities.

We expand boundaries and change lives by making learning accessible, regardless of physical location or financial wellbeing.


To ignite a passion for learning


Engaged, empowered, and valued lifelong learners, nurtured through access to compelling content and powerful learning experiences from our most treasured institutions.



Learning for all through equal access and worldwide reach.

Meaningful education that connects learners to authentic experiences.

Dazzling experiences that engage minds and bring learning to life.

Sharing knowledge that preserves global heritage while instilling cross-cultural understanding.

CILC Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Each day CILC builds a diverse, equitable and inclusive worldwide network of learning. At CILC our mission and goal of bringing virtual learning to marginalized global communities through educators parallels the importance we place on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Regardless of a person’s economic, political and social stature, CILC strives to include everyone. We consider each educator, student and parent powerfully unique. As we practice with our global and multicultural reach, we embody these principles within our company, boards and stakeholders. We welcome everyone involved with CILC to do the same. At CILC:
• Diversity drives innovation.
• Equity drives opportunity.
• Inclusion drives community.



From schools to retirement communities, the CILC is perfect for making interactive virtual learning memorable.

—CILC Advisory Board Member & Content Provider at Fizzics Education


CILC Statement on Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy Development

At CILC our policies and procedures reflect the importance of engaging all stakeholders and building consensus around the world’s environmental needs, improving all societies, and encouraging effective governance. What we do is unique and powerful. Our ESG position statement adds another important layer of understanding to everything we do and to our worldwide educational impact.
CILC is committed to:
  • Quality Education.
  • Reduced Inequalities.
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • Climate Action.
  • Responsible Consumption and Production.

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