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Why Distance Learning? Podcast

The transfer of knowledge reflects the technology of the era, like interactive video calls that went from little known novelty to a critical necessity in education almost overnight. As a result, some extremely strong feelings were developed about the once niche educational medium - distance learning.  

In the Why Distance Learning podcast three seasoned education professionals and their guests seek to dispel myths about live virtual learning to show it is a promising tool that can improve all our lives.

Get to know more about Distance Learning with the episodes listed below and if you have experienced any troubles with tech, let us know about it here so we can talk through troubleshoots live with different virtual educators!




Seth, Tami, and Allyson chat with Jason Robertshaw from Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium about his experiences as a virtual educator. The discussion includes a day in the life in the Studio, supporting a range of experts using tech to teach, unlikely hazards using props, distance learning history and culture. They dive into the different ways an educator can get involved in interactive virtual teaching by using their personal expertise and highlighting important content of their institution or field. Also covered are tips and tricks for working with broadcast technologies – including what to do if a raccoon drops through the ceiling right before a live program! Don’t miss this conversation that explores how interactive distance learning experiences open a door to an authentic global classroom for learners of all ages.


Seth, Allyson, and Tami welcome Katie Yodice and Eileen Dwyer from the Nassau BOCES Center for Online Learning. Katie and Eileen are educational professionals with a plethora of experience running their own unique virtual learning labyrinth for K-12 students. In this episode, they share with our hosts their unique insights for helping educators get comfortable with distance learning and their belief in virtual visits as a critical tool to inject excitement into all types of learning. Of particular interest is their work creating global connections between student groups. Get inspired as you listen to Katie and Eileen explain their role in building a global classroom that gives students the opportunity to explore the world and each other using distance learning.  


Seth, Allyson, and Tami welcome special guest Ben Newsome, founder of Fizzics Education and Virtual Australia Excursion as well as author of Be Amazing!: the way to teach science the way primary kids love and host of the FizzicsEd Podcast!, to share his extensive experience in creating engaging hands-on science programs using distance learning. Ben provides valuable insights on the power of live virtual programs for learners, especially those living in rural and remote communities in Australia and around the globe. In this episode, Ben also discusses his approach to training energetic science educators to engage a global audience and his work in collaborating with other institutions to create immersive virtual learning events that celebrate special days of observance that relate to science. Tune in to learn from Ben's wealth of experience and learn how distance learning can connect groups globally and break down barriers to education.  


Seth, Allyson, and Tami hang out and talk everything distance learning with health, science, and museum educator Lee Gambol, the Distance Learning Coordinator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Lee and your hosts talk about the current state of virtual learning in their respective states and how school districts that lack bandwidth and tech can get the resources they need to access live virtual field trips. Lee brings her usual charisma to a conversation about using hardware & props, her whacky teaching approach, blending hands-on plus distance learning, customizing content for audiences of all ages, and supporting a team that ensures the same standard no matter who is providing the live virtual visit. Don't miss out on this episode, where you'll not only be inspired by Lee's expertise in distance learning, but also learn some tidbits about how bodies function and hear the crew share some real life scar stories. Get ready for an informative and fun-filled ride!  



This VERY special episode has Tami, Allyson, and Seth welcoming three real-life littles to the show. Tristan and Eden are two of the most active young members of the CILC community, consistently showing up to Community of Learning events and many other live virtual field trips. Vida is the daughter of host Seth and actually became an impromptu content provider during the pandemic as Banyan Global Learning launched their social and emotional learning program (at the time entitled "Shelter in Place Superheroes") which Vida helped to shape. With these amazing upper-elementary students (and their parents) we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to live distance learning, some of their favorite programs and golden moments, and what they love about distance learning.