Corporate Partnerships

Help support learners of all ages stay connected and engaged in the digitally driven world that surrounds them. Partner with CILC to use your tools, solutions, or expertise to help individuals remain connected to peer groups as well as gain access to treasured museums, science centers, zoos, National Parks, historic sites, and more through interactive virtual visits that take individuals across the globe.

Partnership Opportunities Include

TAILORED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING events for targeted audience segments that are virtually produced by CILC

Ability to WHITE LABEL innovative CILC products and support of the related administrative operations

CUSTOMIZABLE PARTNER PACKAGES using pre-existing or building new offerings

Let us connect your classrooms, communities, or individual learners to renowned museums, zoos, science centers, National Parks, and field experts through live interactive virtual field trips and peer collaborations.

Happy Trails

A partnership with the National Park Service support CILC’s popular Roam from Home programming for Lifelong Learners.

Some of our recent offerings:


Our Current and Past Partners

CILC is grateful for our dedicated Corporate Partners and those who have helped streamline the delivery of interactive virtual experiences to learners around the globe.

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Learn more about getting involved as a CILC Corporate Partner and discover our Partner Packages by contacting our Director of Partnership & Engagement, Allyson Mitchell, phone (507) 388-3672 or email.

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Cisco’s partnership with CILC has been important in many aspects. Cisco is proud to help support educators, content providers and families as they strive to explore the globe with interactive content.

—Education Advisor, Cisco Systems Inc.