Carnival Package

Have you ever gone to a carnival and purchased a roll of tickets?
Some rides cost two tickets, the big rides are four tickets. You get the idea.

With a CILC Carnival Package, you pay for programs with tickets instead of dollars!

How it Works
Purchase a roll of CILC Carnival tickets
Use 1 to 4 tickets* to book a program
CILC pays the content provider for you
Keep track of your tickets on the website dashboard


*All our interactive programs are given a ticket value based on the cost of the program. The average program uses 3 tickets.

Premium Membership included with Carnival Packages which saves members 10-25% on a variety of programs.

Questions? Contact Tami Moehring, Director of Member Relations, 507-215-3705.

Ready to take a Carnival ride? Get your tickets here!

Roll #1

10 tickets



Roll #2

25 tickets



Roll #3

50 tickets


Please note, you will be leaving the CILC website to pay on the 3rd Party website Stripe.