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An Unique Event: Oiada International Connects 45 Countries across Africa

August 21, 2023

Continent of Africa with connections all acrossOn the 11th of May 2022, Oiada International organized a truly historic event. It was a remarkable video conferencing session that connected 45 countries across Africa for a unique and impactful cultural exchange. Over 400 students from different corners of the continent gathered virtually, eager to learn, share, and break down barriers that might have existed due to myths and misconceptions.

The event took place via Cisco Webex videoconference and the room was filled with excitement and anticipation. As the clock struck the appointed time, the video screens flickered to life, displaying the eager faces of students from Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, and many other countries. The room buzzed with energy, as everyone was determined to make this cultural exchange a memorable experience.

The purpose of this extraordinary gathering was clear – to foster understanding and friendship among the diverse nations of Africa. Oiada International, through its dedicated team of organizers, had designed an interactive videoconference program to challenge stereotypes and bridge the gaps between countries. This event aimed to build long-lasting connections that would lay the foundation for a harmonious future brining to pass the dream of Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of a more unified Africa.

To overcome language barriers and ensure effective communication, the entire event was thoughtfully translated into five languages: English, French, Arabic, Swahili, and Portuguese. This inclusive approach allowed all participants to fully engage and connect with one another, regardless of their native tongue.

As the sessions progressed, students enthusiastically shared their unique cultural practices, stories, and traditions. In one corner of the screen, a group of Nigerian students mesmerized others with their colorful traditional attire, showcasing the vibrant diversity of their country. In another corner, a Moroccan student spoke passionately about Moroccan cuisine, making many mouths water as she described the tantalizing aromas and flavors that tantalized her senses.

In the spirit of learning, this session was also dedicated to dispelling misunderstandings that may have existed between different countries. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, challenge misconceptions, and obtain accurate information about history, culture, and society from fellow participants. Friendships started to blossom, as individuals eagerly connected with others outside of their borders, building a global network of understanding and respect.

As the event drew to a close, emotions ran high. The participants were overwhelmed with gratitude for the eye-opening experience they had shared. It became evident that the walls of ignorance and misunderstanding were steadily crumbling, replaced by bridges forged through friendship and knowledge. The event had left an indelible mark on everyone's hearts and minds.

The historic video conferencing session organized by Oiada International accomplished its mission successfully. It had brought together 45 countries in Africa, united over 400 students, and shattered the myths and misconceptions that may have divided them. In its wake, a powerful sense of unity and mutual respect emerged, laying the groundwork for a brighter and more connected future for the continent.

And so, as the virtual screens faded to black, the students bid each other farewell. A Ghanaian informed the attendees that in their culture they don’t have a word for “goodbye” because they believe they will see you again. The word used is “Acheerio” which translates “see you later”. All hearts were full of hope, understanding, and a renewed determination to continue building bridges across the vast expanse of Africa.

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Oiada International is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization that has been connecting students from all over the world. Since the opening of our US and Ghana centers in 2009, over 500,000 students in 50 US states and 70+ countries worldwide have engaged in our programs. Our primary goal is to empower students to become 21st-century global citizens by participating in “LIVE” face to face interaction via videoconference with their international peers to develop educational and cultural awareness. Oiada recently won the USDLA Trendsetter Gold Award for 2023, which recognizes innovative initiatives in the field of distance learning. Oiada is inviting students to join our CILC offering, "MythBusters," where they will take a “LIVE” virtual trip to Africa to dispel misconceptions about the continent. The event also includes an interactive question and answer segment. For more information about this life-changing journey, click the link provided.

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