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A Grand Celebration: Oiada International's Spectacular Opening of a State-of-the-Art Cisco powered Cape Coast, Ghana Learning Center 

July 12, 2023

Oiada International Grand Opening Poster AnnouncementFriday, June 16, 2023, marked an impressive milestone for Oiada International. The organization unfurled the curtains on their topmost, Cisco-powered telepresence learning center in Cape Coast, Ghana. The grand opening was a truly international event, attended by more than 175 individuals on-site and watched by over 400 people from across the globe online. Attendees reveled in a remarkable blend of dynamic games, delectable food, and a unique experience that unified the joy of learning and technology.

Designed as a learning hub to bring students from different corners of the world closer together, its establishment is aimed at connecting Ghanaian students face-to-face with other international students, shrinking geographical distances and broadening cultural understanding.

Oiada extends its heartfelt thanks to Cisco for their generous donation of over $250,000 of cutting-edge equipment. This generous contribution provided the foundation for the innovative telepresence learning center, enabling it to revolutionize the educational landscape in Ghana and beyond.

This grand opening marks a new chapter in Oiada's remarkable 14-year history. In 2023, Oiada won the Gold Trendsetter Award from USDLA. The Trendsetter in Distance Learning award is given to the organization that has shown innovation in the field of distance learning. The award recognizes pioneering initiatives in the field that have profoundly changed distance learning, existing practice, or developed new and effective solutions.

Since 2009, Oiada has connected over half a million students encompassing all 50 US states and 70 countries worldwide. As we look to the horizon of this inspirational journey, Oiada envisions a future with even more profound connections, developing greater comprehension and cooperation among the world's future generations.

As part of its drive to accelerate global learning and engagement, Oiada invites schools worldwide to join this incredibly transformative journey. The invitation extends to becoming a member of their dynamic Global Village Program—an initiative geared towards augmenting international cross-cultural dialogue and collaborative learning.

Brimming with promise, Oiada's state-of-the-art telepresence learning center in Cape Coast, Ghana, stands as a beacon symbolizing the power of global connections. Given the palpable enthusiasm and commitment shown during its grand opening, it's clear that the center is set to bring about a significant wave of international collaboration and innovation in education. This thrilling venture is more than a promise; it's a testament to the fact that the future of global education is here, and Oiada International is at its helm.

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