Puppet Building 101:Jointed Rod Puppets

by  Center for Puppetry Arts

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Participants will build a working, jointed Bunraku (Japanese rod) style puppet from recycled newspaper, masking tape, and craft sticks! Based on the human figure and human proportions, puppets can be transformed into just about any character.

The extended workshop (120 minutes) offers participants an opportunity to bring their puppets to life through manipulation exercises and scripted scenes. Though participants will each build their own individual puppet, teamwork is required during manipulation. Traditional Bunraku puppets and visuals enhance the content. This workshop is ideal for team building and for anyone 14 years + who wants to learn how to build a real, working puppet.

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By Request Premium: $175.00

PLEASE NOTE: THE $175.00 FEE IS FOR THE 90 MINUTE PROGRAM. THE FEE FOR THE 120 MINUTE PROGRAM IS $225.00 (CILC Premium Service Plan holders $215.00) Call 404.881.5117 with questions.


90 minutes for puppet bldg ONLY; 120 minutes for puppet bldg. + manipulation & scene work

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Education: Grade(s) 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Parent, Adult LearnersPublic Library: Library Patrons

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Fine Arts, Performing Arts

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Center for Puppetry Arts

Atlanta, GA
United States

The Center for Puppetry Arts opened to the public on September 23, 1978, when Kermit the Frog and his creator Jim Henson cut the ceremonial ribbon. The first puppetry center in the United States, today it is the largest American organization solely dedicated to the art of puppet theater.

The Center has been a leading voice in the field, and has hosted numerous conferences and festivals. In addition, the Center has been recognized both nationally and internationally as an organization for excellence. The Ford Foundation recently selected the Center as one of only 28 national organizations to be recognized for success in management and innovative programs. The prestigious Kresge Foundation awarded the Center three different grants to support its capital campaigns. The Center was also the only theater group chosen by the 1996 Olympics to participate in all four years of its arts festival program.

Sara Burmenko

Program Details


1. This program begins with an introduction to rod puppets.
2. Students will view rod puppets or replicas from museum collection.
3. Presenter will lead students through puppet building steps, beginning with the head.
4. Rods are attached to finished puppets.
5. Very basic manipulation techniques are demonstrated. If time, students can demonstrate.

6. For the extended program (120 minutes in length), students will be divided into groups of five. Manipulation work continues.
7. Scenes will be distributed to each group to read and review.
8. The presenter will assign specific roles to each students in the group (puppeteer, narrator, foley/sound effects).
9. Groups will rehearse.
10.Groups will perform.


90 minute program:
Students will be introduced to rod puppets or replicas from museum collection

Students will create a working rod puppet from recycled newspaper.

Students will be introduced to body proportions and apply the principles and elements to their puppet design.

Students will manipulate puppets through movement exercises.

120 minute program:

Students will participate in a team puppet performance.

Students will be exposed to art criticism through peer review.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Fine Arts: Visual & Theatre/Performing Arts