Continuing the Warrior Tradition: American Indians in WWII

by  The National WWII Museum

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In addition to the most famous group of American Indians,the Navajo Code Talkers, uncover surprising and lesser-known stories of these warriors in uniform. Hear segments from the Museum’s oral history collection, including Medal of Honor recipient Van Barfoot,and the last surviving Crow war chief Joe Medicine Crow, who earned the distinction by counting coup on the Germans. With a focus on language and symbols, explore how the Code Talkers used their once-suppressed languages to successfully transmit code on the battlefront, attempt to crack the “unbreakable” Navajo code, and discuss why native language and terminology are still relevant today.

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The National WWII Museum

New Orleans, LA
United States

The National WWII Museum, designated by Congress as "America's World War II Museum," explores the American experience of the war years, focusing on the teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who won the war. It promotes the exploration and expression of these values by future generations. Programs involve exploration of the history and lessons of the war, via analyses of primary sources.

Maddie Roach

Program Details


1. Short quiz with students about American Indians
2. Discussion about boarding schools
3. Review of American Indians symbols, and the importance of language.
4. Overview of American Indians in Europe during WWII- Medal of Honor winners, and Joe Medicine Crow counting coup on the Germans
5. Overview of American Indians in the Pacific during WWII- Ira Hayes, Navajo Code Talkers
6. Legacy and connections to today


Students will understand the importance of the preservation of American Indian languages and symbols.
Student will explore the meaning of the word "warrior" in the tradition of many American Indian nations and how WWII soldiers exhibited warrior traits on the battlefronts
Students will learn about the injustices and prejudices against American Indians before, during and after the war.

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