American Sign Language Enrichment Program

by  Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center

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Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center is now offering American Sign Language Enrichment Classes (during the school day or after the school day) for elementary, middle, or high school age students. Our classes are delivered through interactive video conference connections which allow students to see, hear, and interact with our instructors.  Classes can be taken as a singleton or in a series.  Scheduling schools can decide on the content that they want to cover from the listed topics. Each class is 40 minutes long and will consist of the live instruction and supplemental materials for that particular topic. Our instructors use a variety of fun and interactive activities to keep students involved for the entire instructional period. Topic vocabulary can be selected for the audience attending or the month of the connection.  Times are dependent on the availability of the instructor.  We will do our best to meet your scheduling needs, however, other course obligations may exclude some program requests.  Available topics include:
1. Manual alphabet and numbers 1-20
2. Home, clothing, and colors

3. Time, seasons, and weather
4. Opposites and questions
5. Food and eating
6. Animals, Nature, and Science
7. Actions and related words
8. Sports, recreation, and hobbies
9. Travel, holidays, location, and directions
10. Numbers, money, and quantity
11. Education, careers, and communications
12. Health, medical, and the body
13/14. Thoughts, emotions, and abstract ideas (takes 2 sessions to cover this topic)

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About This Program


Multipoint: $100.00
Multipoint Premium: $100.00
View Only: 100.00
View Only Premium: $100.00
Point to Point: $100.00
Point to Point Premium: $100.00
By Request: $100.00
By Request Premium: $100.00

Cost: $100.00 per class
Special Series pricing – Schedule 3 topics - $270 (saves schools $30); Schedule 6 topics - $510 (saves schools $90)


40 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Parent, Adult LearnersPublic Library: Library Patrons, Library Staff

Minimum participants:


Maximum participants:


Primary Disciplines

Foreign/World Languages, Gifted & Talented

Program Delivery Mode

Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)

Booking Information

Classes can be taken during school or after school. Times are dependent on qualified available instructors.

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For more information contact CILC at (507) 388-3672

Provider's Cancellation Policy

Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center
Distance Learning Connection and Cancellation Policy

The Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center (MVESC) understands the occasional need to reschedule programs due to changing schedules, inclement weather, or technical difficulties; however, MVESC commits resources to a program the moment a reservation is received and presenters are scheduled. Presenters must be paid for their preparation, time, and travel. Please note the Distance Learning Cancellation Policy below:

1. The school will:
- Have an audience for the time and date the district scheduled the session and coordinate with teachers, technicians, coordinators, treasurers, and other parties prior to submitting the request;
- MVESC asks that anyone making a reservation please check school calendars for holidays, professional development days, and testing dates to avoid potential conflicts.
2. Failure of a school to have the audience available for the scheduled session will result in a $30 charge for the session. Scheduled events must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the session to avoid the $30 cancellation fee. This fee is nonreturnable and may not be applied toward a future session.
3. MVESC strongly recommends performing a test connection at least two days prior to the event. The school has the right to cancel any program the day of the test if a successful connection cannot be made. In such a case, MVESC will not charge the $30 cancellation fee. If technical reasons prevent a successful connection on the day of the session, the $30 fee also will be waived. The $30 fee applies to all MVESC sponsored programming.
4. Taping of sessions is prohibited.
5. There is a 30 student maximum on all MVESC connections.
It is the goal of the MVESC Distance Learning Program to maintain high quality student interaction with the presenters. Limiting the number of students per session will ensure successful connections.
a. All sessions will be charged a $85.00 instructional fee.
b. For sites that go over the student maximum, an additional $25.00 (overage fee) will be applied.
c. This fee will be applied on your invoice at the end of the month.
d. For extra students added to a connection, an additional $25.00 fee will apply. (e.g. 31- 60 students?Site charged $85.00 instructional fee plus $25 overage fee; 61-90 students--Site charged $85.00 instructional fee plus $50.00 overage fee.)
6. All MVESC distance learning programs will only be scheduled upon receipt of a signed purchase order. These may be mailed or faxed to Leslie Charles at MVESC (740-455-6702). If you regularly schedule programs with MVESC, please provide a number for us to reference when invoicing for sessions completed. Invoices will be sent at the end of each month, and payment is required in U.S. dollars within 30 days of receipt.
We want this connection to be an enjoyable and valuable experience for both you and your students. We appreciate your feedback! Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, positive comments, or constructive criticism. We look forward to working with your classrooms in the future!

About This Provider

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Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center

Zanesville, OH
United States

Student Connections
The MVESC offers numerous interactive student lessons. Student engagement is key! MVESC programming takes advantage of video streaming, live experimentation, electronic microscopes, and chromakey green screen technology to bring the learning experience alive for students. It is our mission to provide information, resources, and content to students through interactive video that would otherwise be inaccessible do to the limitations of time, money, and distance.

Professional Development
The MVESC Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department, including gifted services, is organized to support school districts in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development and educational resources. Please visit our professional development link for a complete current listing of the professional development video conference offerings that we provide throughout the year.

Leslie Charles

Program Details


1. This program begins with introduction.
2. We then discuss vocabulary for the topic.
3. Instruction of the selected vocabulary.
4. Participants play games or participate in vocabulary activity with the presenter.
5. Time is allowed for questions and answers.


The participants will:
-acquire ASL Vocabulary in a variety of topics
- acquire expressive and receptive communication skills
-participate in activities and games to practice ASL vocabulary