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Biodiversity – A word that sparks variety.

Indiana Dunes is no stranger to biodiversity with its myriad
of habitats.

Those habitats hold over 1,130 different plant species.

Come take a whirlwind tour of the park focusing on 12 of the
super-heroes of Indiana Dunes.

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30 - 45 minutes

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Dune Country by Glenda Daniel highlights plants of the dunes.

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This Education Program is available any date ranger is open. Ranger usually fills at least a month in advance. This Education Program is offered any time ranger is available.

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Indiana Dunes National Park

Chesterton, IN
United States

Christine Gerlach

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Pre or post activity suggestion.

1. pick your favorite plant - What superpowers may it possess? What animals depend upon it?

2. pick a habitat - Find five different plants that grow there and what they do for ecology. Which one is your favorite and why?


1. This is a free educational power point highlighting a few of the incredible biodiversity of Indiana Dunes.
2. Twelve plant species will be discussed and shown from Pinhook Bog, Miller Woods, West Beach and Chellberg Farm.
3. Participants are welcome to ask questions before, during or after. After is usually easiest simply due to technology constraints.
4. Specific Indiana Dune plant species can be requested.

Standards Alignment

State Standards

K.4.2 Observe plants and animals, describing how they are alike and how they are different in the way they look and in the things they do.
2.4.1 Observe and identify different external features of plants and animals and describe how these features help them live in different environments.