FREE Popping (Hip-Hop) Dance Class for K-12 (also in ASL)

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Try the first lesson FREE from our eleven part Popping (Hip-Hop) series!

In this series you will learn the fundamentals of Popping and some of its key moves like fresnos, walk outs, and neck-o-flex. You will also learn other styles that are often done with Popping like Waving, Tutting, and Animation. In each lesson, we will teach you a few elements of each style. In the final lesson, we will combine all of the styles we learned to make a dance. You will also get to practice freestyling to create your own movements. Popping can take a long time to learn, but this is a great place to start. We're so glad you're joining us on this Popping adventure!

All Crelata dance content is available in ASL with English and Spanish closed captions.


Lesson 1: Popping Part 1 of 2 (40 minutes) FREE LESSON!

Lesson 2: Popping Part 2 of 2 (29 minutes)

Lesson 3: Waving Part 1 of 2 (46 minutes)

Lesson 4: Waving Part 2 of 2 (39 minutes)

Lesson 5: Key Moves Part 1 of 2 (46 minutes)

Lesson 6: Key Moves Part 2 of 2 (36 minutes)

Lesson 7: Tutting Part 1 of 2 (44 minutes)

Lesson 8: Tutting Part 2 of 2 (35 minutes)

Lesson 9: Animation Part 1 of 2 (49 minutes)

Lesson 10: Animation Part 2 of 2 (36 minutes)

Lesson 11: Cumulation (50 minutes)

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Crelata® | On-Demand Dance Classes for K-12

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Crelata® is an online arts education company making access to the arts more equitable through the use of technology. It offers fun and sequential on-demand dance classes for kids of all ages, designed by dance education experts. All Crelata content is 100% ad-free and designed for use wherever students are taught. Crelata is based in Brooklyn, New York, and serves schools across the globe.

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Lesson 1: Popping Part 1 of 2 (40 minutes)

The video dance lesson includes the following sections (assessments are embedded):

> Introduction
> Warm up
> Exploring concepts and developing skills
> Taking turns dancing and giving feedback
> Creative choice
> Cool down
> Review


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
> Flex and release different muscles to create a pop effect.
> Pop their arms, chest, and legs separately as well as pop their whole body.
> Move their body into many positions while Popping.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Crelata lessons are aligned to the National Core Arts Standards for dance.