Social and Emotional Learning for Junior High - Empathy Through Music

by  Banyan Global Learning

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This series covers basic social and emotional learning principles taught through the lens of music. Students are given a rare opportunity to deep dive into the various zones of self-regulation through interactive activities and rich conversations. Students will leave these lessons with a toolbox full of healthy ways to regulate their emotions.

Delivered by two live teachers, this is a unique experience for any classroom - new, or veterans in SEL topics.

The series includes the following lessons:

1. Introduction to The Zones & Empathy Through Music - Students will discuss empathy and how we can identify the feelings of others. They will consider a good friend, take their perspective, and imagine a song that represents their current emotional state. We will discuss why these choices were made and, for homework, deliver that song to their friend as an act of kindness and understanding.

2. Exploring the Yellow Zone - Students will determine the difference between anxiety and excitement. They will understand how it feels in the body and what signs to look for when empathizing with others. We will learn about the “Magic Music Frequency”, create a music playlist for the entire class, and do a little dancing!

3. Exploring the Blue Zone - Students will explore the many shades of Blue emotions and identify them throughout the lesson. There will be time for students to share personal feelings and connect. Then, we will discuss the science of sad music. The lesson ends with students creating a toolbox to help regulate Blue Zone emotions.

4. Exploring the Red Zone - Students will share their interpretation of the Red Zone and learn about what this zone can do to the body. We will play a few games and explore how angry music can help with our emotions before finally completing our SEL toolbox!

5. Exploring the Green Zone - Students will put their knowledge to the test and move to the green zone together! We’ll take a look at how music affects plants and animals, identify the happy elements of their favorite songs and assemble a complete SEL toolbox for them always to reference.

6. The Zones, A Reflection - The purpose of this lesson is for students to reflect on and exercise what they’ve learned from this series so far. We will review The Zones and take stock of every social literacy tool we’ve come up with. We’ll end with some real-life scenarios and exchanging kind words with the entire class.

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Social and Emotional Learning( SEL)

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Program Details


In each lesson, two live teachers work with students on one particular emotion. They identify ways the body reacts to each, and then the science behind how music influences those feelings. Then they all work together to create playlists to handle each emotion and get back into the controlled color of 'green'. Games and dancing are included to make this a fun and unique experience!


Lesson 1:

- Students will be able to define "empathy".
- Students will be able to match an emotion with representaional media.
- Students will be able to help a friend with a strong emotion.

Lesson 2:

- Students will explore the differences between anxiety and excitement.
- Students will be able to identify physical signs of anxiety and learn how to remedy it.

Lesson 3:

- Students will explore the differences between sadness and depression.
- Students will be able to identify when it is necessary to seek help with feelings of extreme sadness.

Lesson 4:

- Students will be able to identify signs of anger or rage in themselves and others.
- Students will understand how anger manifests as a fight or flight response, and how to get out of this cycle using music.

Lesson 5:

- Students will identify what it means to be in the green zone and why it is the most important zone.
- Students will explore how happy music positively affects their emotions.

Lesson 6:

- Students will test their knowledge from the prior lessons.
- Students will assemble a tool box for them to use in their own emotional regulation going forward.