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Career Professionals Delivered to the Classroom...LIVE! 

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What is Nepris?

Nepris connects teachers and students with career professionals virtually without leaving the classroom, providing an effective way to expose them to careers and create equity of access to role models from around the globe. 

Nepris in ClassroomWhy Nepris?

For decades many of us have been involved in discussions about creating opportunities for all students to get exposure to the real world. We have spent hundreds of hours brainstorming with companies, universities, non-profits, chambers of commerce, technology councils and the like to bridge the gap between industry and education. The reality is the teacher in the classroom still does not have the tools or the time to invite guest speakers or project mentors, organize field trips or develop films and videos. Most companies find it difficult to scale education outreach due to geographic and curriculum barriers. Rural school districts are left out because they lack access to a diverse industry in their local area.

Nepris came out of a real need we heard from educators, industry leaders, professionals and community partners alike, to reduce the barriers between industry and education. Our core mission: Making industry engagement part of the everyday classroom by empowering teachers to engage students in STEAM! 

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Watch the August 2016 Webinar with Nepris

Nepris Webinar Aug 2016 from CILC on Vimeo.


Example of Nepris Use in the Classroom

First graders at Stipes Elementary learn about soil by talking to Dr. Dirt (AKA Clay Robinson) who showed them different types of soil and explained its importance to life.

Students in Roscoe, a small Texas rural community, develop an interest in computer programming as a result of implementing Nepris.

Chemistry students at East Central High School learn about biomedical devices that reduce the healing time of infected wounds.

Check out archived classroom sessions on a wide variety of topics (requires for users to make a trial account.



How much does Nepris cost?

Additional training - $500.00

  • Zoom Logo
  • $2,500.00 
  • Numbers of Students : 0 - 500
  • Unlimited live sessions 
  • Includes an hour virtual training and an hour follow-up 
  • Zoom Logo
  • $3,500.00
  • Numbers of Students : 501 - 1,500
  • Unlimited live sessions 
  • Includes an hour virtual training and an hour follow-up 
  • Zoom Logo
  • $4,500.00
  • Numbers of Students : 1,501 +
  • Unlimited live sessions 
  • Includes an hour virtual training and an hour follow-up 



Program: "NASA - Robots"

Reaction from Member

“I emailed Jordan directly to thank him. He was AMAZING! It was really cool how he was able to "walk" the kids around NASA's different robots. I have had lots of parent comments about their children going on and on all evening about all the things they learned from Jordan. It was the BEST one I've ever done! How can you get cooler than humanoid robots and an engaging speaker!!

I am so grateful to Nepris for opening the doors of the world to my students! Seriously, this is a game changer. One of my first graders told me in the hall that he has decided he wants to build robots.”

First Grade Teacher  


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