Tips for Video Content- Virtual Field Trip Teacher Badge

All the tools, all the time, everywhere.

Talk about how easy or hard it was to do all you wanted to do within this single platform, from accessing files from the content provider, to asking them a question in messaging to joining the Virtual Field Trip from your classroom.

Start a meeting with a single tap.

How was your Webex Teams experience? Was it easy to join the Virtual Field Trip with the content provider? Did you have other video meetings before or after the Field Trip you can talk about?

Never miss a message.

Once you have joined the Webex Space the Content Provider created just for you, you are able to send and receive messages with them any time. This helps keeps the communication lines open! Talk about how you used the messaging feature in your Webex Space.

Share files with anyone anytime.

Did your Content Provider point you towards some materials they had uploaded into your common space? Talk about how easy it was to access these materials and possibly how you were able to share your own files with the Content Provider.

Show. Don’t tell.

You’ve heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” yes? Sometimes the perfect graphic or watching a presenter walk through a process is just what your students need for comprehension. Talk about how your Content Provider used visuals to get their points across.