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A place for CILC Content Providers to connect on various topics such as successful delivery, marketing, invoicing and much more. Group members also help facilitate CILC with festivals and CILC initiatives for the future.

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Thank you Jan and Samuel! I was able to present my program last week through Webex Teams platform a...

Thank you Jan and Samuel! I was able to present my program last week through Webex Teams platform and it went really well. I had great feedback from the school that worked with me. I look forward to learning more about this system for future use.

Good luck Kyra!

A little birdie told me that Kyra T. is working on her Content Provider Badge! Good luck, Kyra!

Who is attending the Content Provider Gathering? Virtual attendance is welcome!

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Topic: Best Practices for Video Communications in K-12
Recording here
Join Zoom and the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for a discussion on how schools across the country are using video communications to enrich student learning with interactive virtual content. 

Title: Webex for Educators, Come Earn a Badge for Connecting your Classroom
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Password: Bc78UYJb
Description: Join us to learn how Webex in the classroom can provide you everything you need for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.  Webex is the only tool needed to collaborate with other educators, students and even your parents. 

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Content Providers committed to sharing knowledge and expertise via videoconferencing and collaborative technologies are vital to expanding the walls of today’s classrooms to the world beyond. Educational programs at museums, zoos, historical landmarks, and authors are just a few examples of the content providers that offer standards aligned educational content to classrooms. In content provider settings, the challenges of the environment allow for the discovery of new practices and affordable technologies needed for optimal connections to classrooms.

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