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1 to 1 Collaboration

Connect your classroom to another classroom for a book discussion, science fair, cultural exchange and more.

Timeframe: One-time or ongoing

Scheduled Events

Multiple groups connect to an expert such as an author or scientist.

Timeframe: At a scheduled date & time


Multiple classrooms are paired up around a shared global theme or project.

Timeframe: Fixed—usually a week to a month



“What if we were able to connect our students with students somewhere else? Somewhere a little more difficult to reach due to distance, time constraints, travel expenses or situational barriers. We have that ability right now! Virtual Learning technology is an incredible tool.  Today we can use this tool to connect students with their peers anywhere in the world. Making these connections allows students to see and more importantly interact with other people around the world.”

Kristin Edwards, CILC Global Learning Ambassador


Getting Started


See first hand the power of Global Learning and empathy

CILC Global Ambassador Kristin Edwards highlights global class-to-class collaborations

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How to begin a collaboration

CILC Managing Director Jan Zanetis provides tips to start a successful collaboration

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Conversation bubbles

Find colleagues and students from across the world to collaborate on educational projects via videoconference.

Students in a Collaboration
Students in a Collaboration
Students in a Collaboration

You and your learners benefit when you engage with others across the country or around the globe.

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