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A Visit with Mrs. Claus

from CESA 7 Educational Technology Services

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This program is an introduction to videoconferencing and allows your students the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Santa Claus using technology. She will talk about the tech used to make the connection between the students' school and the North Pole. Children will have the opportunity to ask questions about her, Santa Claus, reindeer, and the North Pole. (Factual information will be given whenever possible.) In order to make the best use of the time, Please have children think about or write down questions ahead of time and select those who will ask them.Mrs. Claus will do her best to answer as many questions as possible, but time constraints usually mean not all children will get a chance to ask a question. Listening and questioning skills will be reviewed by Mrs. Claus. After questions, they will hear an age-appropriate story and finally wrap up their visit with a fun song and dance. NOTE: If you have a request for a specific story, please inform Mrs. Claus prior to the program date/time. Also, if students are making return visits, please let her know. 

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About This Program


Point to Point: $85.00

Payment is due 5 business days before the scheduled session. We accept check, Mastercard, Visa or purchase order. If paying via credit card, please call Grace Green s at 920-617-5629. Please send payment payable to CESA 7, 595 Baeten Rd, Green Bay WI 54304. Include date, time(s), and name of e-field trip.


30 minutes for grades K-2 with 10 minute connection time before program

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) Pre-K Students, Kindergarten, 1, 2

Minimum participants:


Maximum participants:

50. NOTE: with more than 20 students, PLEASE have questions determined ahead of time and pre-select students to ask them.

Primary Disciplines

Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English

Program Delivery Mode

Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)

Booking Information

You will be contacted by the program provider directly to confirm your time slot. YOUR TIME IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION,! The first customer to request a time/date slot will get that slot. We update the time slot full/open list as often as possible during regular business hours. However, some requests come in very close to the same time or on evenings or weekends and may conflict with other requests already in for those times. Our policy is first come, first served.

Sorry, this program is not currently available. To inquire about future availability, please contact CESA 7 Educational Technology Services

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For more information contact CILC at (507) 388-3672

Provider's Cancellation Policy

We will not charge for programs canceled due to nature or technical difficulties and will do all we can to reschedule if there are open time slots. The full fee will be charged to sites that cancel with less than 72 hours written or phone notice.

About This Provider

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CESA 7 Educational Technology Services

Green Bay, WI
United States

Dean Leisgang

Program Details


1. Intro to the technology (5 min)
2. Q & A/Student intro (10 min)
3. Holiday Story (10 min)
4. Song & Dance (5 min)


Participants will:

  • be introduced to the idea of videoconferencing.
  • learn how to use basic videoconferencing technology effectively.
  • experience storytelling via videoconferencing modeled by a professional storyteller.
  • develop an appreciation of videoconferencing.
  • develop an appreciation of storytelling.
  • observe how to add expression to a story by using variety in voices, facial gestures, body language, eye contact, pauses and volume.
  • develop an appreciation for different cultures
  • be able to ask appropriate questions related to the program topic.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.1.RL.2 -- Reading: Literature
ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.1.SL.1a -- Speaking and Listening
ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.1.SL.1c -- Speaking and Listening
ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.1.SL.3 -- Speaking and Listening
ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.2.SL.1b -- Speaking and Listening
ELA-LITERACY -- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.K.RI.2 -- Reading: Informational Text
Earth Space Science Progression -- ESS2D K-2 -- Next Generation ScienceNational Language Arts Standards for K-2
Listening and Speaking:
K. 1.0 Students listen and respond to oral communications
Gr. 1 1.1 Listen Attentively
Gr. 1 2.2 Retell stories
Gr. 2 1.1 Determine the purposes for listening

State Standards

English/Language Arts
C.4.2 Listen to and comprehend oral communications.

  • Follow basic directions
  • Identify and summarize key points of a story or discussion
    C.4.3 Participate effectively in discussion.

    • Volunteer relevant information, ask relevant questions, and answer questions directly
    • Ask for clarification and explanation of unfamiliar words and ideas
    • Summarize information conveyed through discussion

    Social Studies Standard E Behavioral Sciences

    E.4.11 Give examples and explain how language, stories, folk tales, music, and other artistic creations are expressions of culture and how they convey knowledge of other peoples and cultures

    Information and Technology Literacy Standards (ITLS)
    Content Standard
    Students in Wisconsin will select and use media and technology to access, organize, create, and communicate information for solving problems and constructing new knowledge, products, and systems.

    Students in Wisconsin will access, evaluate, and apply information efficiently and effectively from a variety of sources in print, nonprint, and electronic formats to meet personal and academic needs.