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And the Winner Is . . . Tracking the Iditarod


Project Description: The students will track a musher from the beginning until the end of the Iditarod race in March. Before tracking the Iditarod, students will read Stone Fox and keep a scrapbook on Little Willy and the other characters. Although reading Stone Fox is not necessary, it gives the students background information on how to prepare for a race and what is involved in winning. It also teaches children about never giving up. Student Activity: Students will choose a musher to follow throughout the race. Before the race begins, the students will choose a musher, researching about their life, how they became interested in racing, and how they prepare for the race. During the race, the students will track their musher on a daily basis, keeping track of how many miles and hours they travel in one day. In the end, they will present this information in some form of a graph, as well as a detailed map. Students will keep a daily diary, discussing how the day?s events went and how they are feeling. Students will present all the information they found throughout the race in the form of an interview between the musher and a newscast. Assessment: Students will create graphs for the data they collected throughout the race. Students will keep a daily diary about the race. Students will present their research in the form of an interview. All students will participate in writing the script, creating props, and backdrops, and participating in the newscast either behind the scenes or in front of the camera. Materials Needed by participating class: Computer Writing Journal Background information on the Iditarod Props for Newscast Only if you read the book: Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner Stone Fox scrapbook


March 2006 - April 2006