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Global Gingerbread Family Project


Read a few versions of the Gingerbread Man to your class. Each class would then make a gingerbread family out of any craft materials you would like or just use paper. Then explain that you are going to pretend that your gingerbread man and his family are looking for a place or places to go on a family vacation. They have relatives that are also looking for great places to go on a vacation. Collaborative Project: Your class will make a presentation, for the gingerbread families, about where you live and the fun things to do there so one of the gingerbread families will come and vacation where you live. It can be a story, movie, slide show, or photos with explanations. You decide how you would like to do it. You could talk about landmarks, sites to see, sports teams, festivals, holidays, traditional food, the weather, etc. Then you would post your presentation on a collaborative blog so every class participating could see each other’s presentation and learn about many different parts of the world. Include a picture of your class with their gingerbread family and a map of where you live in your presentation. Classes can comment on other classes posts or email one another. If there are any classes that would like to Skype with one another that could be arranged.


November 2012 - January 2013